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medication reminder
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Medication Reminder Service
Frequently Asked Questions

CARE FAQ The CARE senior calling program is designed and developed by Database Systems Corp. This programs checks on the well being of senior citizens who live alone and provides medication reminders for individuals who are on regimented doctor prescribed medications.

DSC provides an online registration service for individuals to enroll seniors and others into this service.

To register, fill out information on our website that describes the profile of the medication patient to be called as well as the contacts required to provide proper notification if the subscriber does not respond to the calls.

Here are a few of the most common questions asked by individuals enrolling into this reminder program.

What is the CARE medication reminder service

This program is designed to let individuals set the dates and times when an automatic medication reminder call is placed to the subscriber's phone (usually the home phone). The subscriber is instructed to "Press 1" to acknowledge the call. If there is no answer (or an answer machine), CARE notifies Contact(s) by phone and/or email.

How do I get started?

First, you'll need to fill out all of the information on the control page. This includes the phone number to send the reminders, the weekly schedule for making the calls, and the contacts for the notification procedure. Next, you'll need to fund the account and then turn on the monitoring.

Why must I register by calling from subscriber's phone?

Calling from the subscriber's phone number ensures that the individual enrolling the subscriber has complete access to the subscribers household. This is simply a security measure to ensure that the enrollment is legitimate.

Is my account fully set up?

For the system to begin making medication reminder calls, the following items need to be taken care of ...

  • 'Phone Number to Monitor' must be set
  • The 'Notification Procedure' needs at least a 'Primary Phone' entered.
  • The time zone should be selected and the calling schedule should be completed.
  • The account needs to be funded. Monitoring must be set from 'turned off' to 'active'.
Anything showing in red will prevent calls from starting.

What is the 'Phone Number to monitor'?

The 'Phone Number to Monitor' is the phone number you would like us to call to send pill reminders. It is most likely the subscriber's home phone number. To set or change this number, you will need to call into our toll-free number provided on the 'Phone Number to Monitor' page and enter a 6 digit code unique to your account (for security purposes).

How do I set the call schedule?

First, select "Call" or "Off Day" for each day of the week. Next, click the 'hour' and 'minute' for each calling day. The selected times will be highlighted in blue. Click the "Save Changes" button when you've finished setting the schedule. Reveiw the 'Calling Schedule' section of the main control page to confirm the schedule is set as you wanted.

How many times will the system call the Subscriber?

If the first call cannot go through, or the subscriber does not acknowledge the call using the "Press 1.." option, the will make 2 more calls before the notification procedure begins.

What will the subscriber hear when answering the call?

After the medication reminder subscriber answers the phone and says "Hello", the following greeting will play ... "Hi! This is your daily checkup call! If everything is ok, press 1."

This messages can be personalized to include your voice and greeting message, with special instructions (if any) for the subscriber.

The subscriber will then have to press '1', and the system will tell them "Thank you, good bye."

How many times will the system call a Contact?

If the system cannot reach the medication subscriber after 3 calls, the notification procedure will send out emails and call the 'Primary Phone' immediately. If the 'Primary Phone' is not answered, or the person answering does not press '1' to acknowledge the call, the 'Backup Phone' will be called. The system will then alternate between calling the 'Primary Phone' and the 'Backup Phone' for up to 1 hour until the notification call is acknowledged.

How much does this service cost?

You can choose from several different payment plans. The longer the service is requested, the lower the monthly rate. Here are our current rates:

CARE call reassurance Fees

Contact Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE medication reminder calling services.